Contemporary Bathroom Redesign with Bespoke Details

We revitalised an old bathroom with modern flair, featuring a back-to-wall sink, toilet, and cabinet to maximise space, alongside a freestanding bath with ambient floor lighting, and an elegant shower complemented by expert tiling. Our pre-installation visualisations allow clients to preview and refine their space, ensuring complete satisfaction with the final design before any modifications commence.

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Bathroom Before Redesign

Before photos - Bulky bath in a dated bathroom
Before photos - Awkward shower install in a bathroom
Before photos - Dated bathroom that lacks functionality

Bathroom After Redesign

After photos - Modern bath and shower installation
After photo - Large shower installation in a modern bathroom
After photos - Sink and back to wall toilet install with under cabinet lighting
After photos - Large bathroom redesign with freestanding bath and large shower
After photos - Modern bathroom redesign with stylish tiles and towel rail
After photos - Freestanding bath with LED floor lighting
After photos - Integrated sink and toilet installation with wall mounted LED light mirror

Bathroom Render Redesign

Pre install render - Render of full bathroom top down view
Pre install render - Render of full bathroom suite as you walk in
Pre install render - Bathroom render featuring towel rail, shower and freestanding bath

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